The Best Mezcals in the UK

What are the best mezcals available in the UK?

That was the impossible task I was set by the BBC Good Food website recently. I was delighted, not only to be working with BBC Good Food but because mezcal has become my absolute favourite spirit in the last year or two.

I set about rounding up as many samples as I could. Despite mezcal being a bit of a minority spirit in this country, I eventually tracked down 23 different mezcals, and picked out the best, those that scored 4/5 or above on my personal mezcalometer.

You can read the results by clicking on the image below, which takes you to the overview page on the BBC Good Food website. As well as an introduction to mezcal, for those unfamiliar with this wonderful Mexican spirit, there are links to the longer reviews of each mezcal that made the ‘best of’ list.

Mezcal tends to be expensive, because it is a minority spirit and because it is produced in small quantities, usually in family-owned distilleries that go back generations. But there are some more affordable options among my choices, and I wasn’t swayed by price as I didn’t know the price when tasting the mezcal samples.

And if you want to know more about mezcal, see this book review on my Travel Distilled website.